Command Center Assignment

The event I monitored in the outpost was the Association for Politics and Life Sciences conference. I went to an hour training course this Monday, and then did the actual monitoring on Friday from 11a.m.-12:15p.m. I used HootSuite to monitor certain keywords. The keywords I followed were pertaining to facial expression and emotion. I followed the handle for the Associate for Politics and Life Sciences to keep up with what was going on inside the conference and what people were talking about pertaining to the conference. I also looked up biographies, if they had been made, of the upcoming speakers. I then wrote informative tweets talking about who was speaking next and about what with a link to the speakers biographies. All these tweets had to be emailed to one of the graduate students to be approved. I would say about five of my tweets were put up through the official APLS twitter handle. I enjoyed being able to learn how to monitor events through HootSuite and what to look for. It was also interesting to learn how to run analytics. This is useful for me in my current job position to show if my use of social media is reaching a good amount of people. I learned a lot from the experience and the environment was neat to work in. It made me realize how it would be to work in a command center or with others in a social media outlet area. All in all, it was a good learning experience and I am glad I was able to participate. 


Twitter Assignment

As a class, we talked to Joe Fairless via Skype. He answered questions he was mentioned in and that our class hashtag was mentioned in. Our microphone did not work, so it was a little bit of a different Skype session but was still successful. The setup was more of a seminar feeling due to the lack of Fairless being able to see us. We were still able to interact via Twitter, but I think it would have been a little more discussion based if we were able to ask questions verbally.

A few of my tweets were quotes by Fairless because I found them very helpful. I also tweeted them so that I had something to reference back to when I wanted to remember the advice he gave. I asked Fairless two questions and one was answered. That question asked why it was important for a student to have an internship. He answered that many companies will not hire somebody without experience. This, in turn helped me, because I am graduating in May and just this semester acquired an internship.

            Our class hashtag was the best to watch because it was constantly being updated with what people were saying during Fairless’s speech. A few students favorited my tweets and retweeted, but only one student actually responded to one of my tweets. Alexsa Woodward responded to a quote I had from Fairless and agreed it was an important concept to remember through the job application process that we both are beginning.